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10.23.17 Conrad Macao raises over MOP 84,000 at Pink Inspired Charity Lunch for Breast Cancer Awareness
10.23.17 澳門康萊德酒店舉辦「粉紅革命」慈善午宴 籌募超過澳門幣84,000元善款以提升社會對乳癌的關注
10.03.17 Conrad Macao to host PINK Inspired Charity Lunch on 19th October for Breast Cancer Awareness
10.03.17 澳門康萊德酒店將於10月19日舉辦「粉紅革命」慈善午宴 以提升社會對乳癌的關注
08.21.17 Conrad Macao Launches ‘PINK Inspired 2017’
08.21.17 澳門康萊德呈獻2017「粉紅革命」推廣活動
07.20.17 Conrad Seoul supports the Sharing Campaign in partnership with World Vision
12.22.16 Conrad Seoul’s ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’ Concludes With Donations Of Package Proceeds
12.08.16 Hilton to Nurture Hospitality Talent in Indonesia through Hilton Class Program at Bali State Polytechnic
11.15.16 Conrad Macao’s 2016 ‘PINK Inspired’ Campaign a Great Success
11.15.16 澳門康萊德酒店2016「粉紅革命」活動圓滿舉行
10.24.16 Conrad Macao Celebrates Hilton’s Annual Global Month Of Service
10.24.16 澳門康萊德酒店慶祝爾頓年度全球服務月活動
10.20.16 Conrad Macao Raises Over Mop 91,000 For Pink Inspired 2016 Charity Lunch For Breast Cancer Awareness
10.20.16 澳門康萊德酒店舉辦「2016粉紅革命」慈善午宴 籌募超過澳門幣91,000元善款以提升社會對乳癌的關注
10.06.16 Conrad Seoul, Leading Its Own Campaign ‘CONRAD in PINK’, To Honor The Month Of Breast Cancer Awareness
09.28.16 Conrad Macao to host Pink Inspired Charity Lunch on 20th October for breast cancer awareness
09.28.16 澳門康萊德酒店將於10月20日舉辦「粉紅革命」慈善午宴 以提升社會對乳癌的關注
03.21.16 Conrad Macao Celebrates Earth Hour 2016 by turning off its external façade lights
03.21.16 澳門康萊德酒店通過關掉其外牆照明支持「2016年地球一小時」活動
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